Monday, September 9, 2013

working on the nursery

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a good weekend.  My due date for delivery was this past Sunday, so I am now a ticking time bomb to all of those around me.  I am not stressing or rushing our little one though.  Well.  Not yet.  My doctor will induce at 41 weeks.  Because I hate being induced, I will be pressuring her to make her appearance later this week.  What are the old wive's tales about speeding up labor, again?  Standing on your head?  Stuff like that? ;)

This weekend we worked diligently on finishing up the nursery for her.  Jesse worked.  I supervised.  ;)  Jesse and my brother-in-law Oscar painted the nursery, added molding, painted the crib our daughters used, and a small set of drawers we will be using as a changing table.  It's easy to say all of what was done- harder to do.  It is coming together and I am looking forward to sharing it when it is complete.

I was especially inspired by this nursery, and decided to go with muted gray, white, and wooden accents as the main color scheme for the room taking after that room's color scheme.  You can see more of what I drew for inspiration here in my "Nursery Ideas" Pinterest board.

Some of these items we've gathered already, and some of them we are still looking for, but this is the basic look of our nursery:

In general, I like to work with what I have, thrift, or bargain shop for furniture and accent pieces.  It is what we've done throughout our house and for the nursery, as well.  Once I share the room itself, I will provide more details about the individual items and link where possible.
Thank you for stopping by. :)

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