Thursday, September 5, 2013

baby shower

My sisters Jennifer and Jasmine hosted a baby shower for me this past weekend. When they were planning it, I told Jasmine that I truly wasn't expecting anything. This is my 4th baby! She seemed aghast at my saying that. ;)

I'm glad she didn't listen to me because the baby shower was very pretty and so thoughtful. I feel blessed by the family that surrounds me. I loved all of the sweet details.
baby shower 2
The flowers were arranged by my dad, who I've mentioned used to be a florist. Jasmine set up this adorable vignette with a homemade diaper cake, cupcakes, strawberry lemonade, and miniature lunch bag party favors.
baby shower 4
baby shower 3 My mom made tiny crochet dresses to include in the bags. My cousin Marta made tiny books (!!) for the bags, as well. I will be sharing those in more detail soon.
baby shower 5
My sister-in-law Sarah also made a "diaper motorcycle." She made the motorcycle wheels out of diapers. She put a stuffed elephant on top of it holding receiving blanket handlebars. It was so cute.
baby shower 6
My sisters-in-law Tina and Sarah provided entertainment with baby shower games. One of my favorite games included a balloon relay race, in which all participants on one team (there were 2 teams) had to blow up a balloon, stuff it under their shirts one at a time (to look as though they were pregnant), and then pop the balloon one at a time until all players had popped their balloon. I hope that makes sense. It was so funny. In another game, we had to guess the names of baby animals. For example, cat would be kitten, dog would be puppy, cow would be a calf. Some were easy/obvious. Others were very difficult. Did you know a baby turkey is called a poult? I didn't. I enjoyed the trivia.
baby shower 1
It was fun celebrating our little one coming soon.

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  1. Congratulation with the 4th edition to your family! What a lovely babyshower-Your family is SO talented...they did a beautiful job! I stumbled across your blog while searching the web for project life inspiration and your album pages are nicely done!
    Have a blessed day

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am glad you stopped by and hope you come back! :)