Saturday, August 10, 2013

summer break week #10

This week was the last full week of summer break.  My daughters start school later next week. They are super excited about it though, so that's always a good feeling for me. I jokingly tell my littlest to stay little, and she sweetly asks, "Why, mama?  Why you want me to stay leeetle?"

This week was a fun one, I think.  On day 46 (Monday) of my daughters' summer break, we made cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast.   day 46 (3) They were so easy to make, and they loved them, of course.
day 46 (4)

On day 47 (Tuesday), my daughters went to grandma's house, again, for the afternoon.  They cooked, worked on their embroidered tote bags, and practiced their math skills.
day 47

On day 48 (Wednesday), we made slime inspired by Nikki.   slime
Because she had said she didn't include enough dye, I went overboard with it, and every time it gets played with, their hands get stained.   day 48 (2)
On day 49 (Thursday), Jesse and I sat outside in the front yard while they played and rode their scooters.
day 49
I know they look happy, but my oldest still asked, "What's the fun activity for today?" 
day 49
I replied, "This is it!"  ha.

On day 50 (Friday), we used another project inspired by Nikki, and made bubble paint.  
bubble paint
For this project, I mixed acrylic paint with dish soap and a bit of water.  After mixing it, my daughters blew bubbles into the cup.  With the bubbles on top of the cup, they took a piece of cardstock and let the bubbles pop on the paper to make a bubble imprint.
day 50
I knew they would love this one. 
day 50
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