Friday, August 23, 2013

martha stewart kids magazines on ebay

One of my August goals includes getting the nursery ready for our little one.  I mentioned that we are moving the playroom to my old craft room, and what was the playroom will become the nursery.  My old craft room still has some of my craft stuff in there, and I am working hard to remove it all.  It hasn't been easy!  I mentioned that I plan to purge more than 50% of what is in there.  It's slowly getting there.
marta stewart kids (2) Anyhow.  I found these duplicate copies of Martha Stewart Kids magazine in my craft room.  (I love Martha Stewart Kids magazine!  I wish it was still in circulation).  I put a listing on ebay for them here.  I wanted to share it with you if you're interested or maybe you know somebody who is interested.
marta stewart kids (5) marta stewart kids (1) marta stewart kids (4) marta stewart kids (3)
I have a giant pile of items I need to photograph, list, and hopefully, sell.  I will post whatever I do list over the weekend for you to see.  

Again, this is the link to the listing for the Martha Stewart Kids magazines.     

Glad you stopped by!  I hope you have a great weekend!

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