Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fruit pizza

Last week for our special, "Back to School" dinner, I mentioned this fruit pizza dessert.  My daughters had seen it in a back issue of American Girl magazine (July/August 2009).  They had mentioned making it as one of our fun activities for their summer break.  We didn't get around to it, but I surprised them by making it for our special dinner.
day 53 (7) fruit pizza 
It was very simple to make.
american girl fruit pizza
These are the directions from the magazine:
american girl fruit pizza
I made my own sugar cookie dough because I had all of the ingredients on hand.  My oldest said, "My sister and I thought we could use strawberries as pepperoni and shredded coconut as cheese like a real pizza."
american girl fruit pizzapizza 3
I thought it was a good idea, too.