Friday, August 2, 2013

five facts friday

*That's my good friend Kerri on the left and me on a recent friend outing.  We made those necklaces together.  :)
I was inspired by Julie Ann's Five Facts Friday series she used to do on her blog, and wanted to do it here.  

1.  I am the oldest of five siblings.  I have 2 brothers Jonathan and Joshua and 2 sisters Jennifer and Jasmine.  Our names all start with the letter J as I'm sure you noticed.  ;)  

2.  My timer is the only way I get things done.  I love to clean my house in intervals.  10 minutes of cleaning, 10 minute "break," 10 minutes of cleaning, 10 minute "break..."  On especially busy days, I only get 5 minute "breaks." ha.  Fridays are usually busy days as I like my house clean for the weekend.  During break time, I usually work on Project Life.  ;)

3.  I am very introverted, and painfully shy.  I worry that others misinterpret this as arrogance.  

4.  I love quirky, vintage and modern clothing, but don't think I can pull it off, so I don't even try.  

5.  When I was in college and I would tell people that I was a Psychology major, some would say that they didn't like talking to psychologists on an everyday basis because they worried that they were being analyzed. Though I am not a psychologist and my career interests are not in becoming a psychologist, I do tend to psychoanalyze everybody I meet.  I try not to.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!     


  1. had a little giggle at your post, because you sound a little like me. Im the oldest of 4, with three girls named.. vivian, valerie and vanessa! I dont know why my brothers name doesnt begin with V.. but it doesnt.
    I too love quirky vintage clothing and assessories.. but I KNOW I cant pull it off. by the way, Im pretty sure you could!
    and also, Im a social worker.. and I think sometimes my job spills over into other parts of my life and people think I'm social working them! (I probably am!)
    have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Vivian. How funny about your being a social worker. My plans are to become a social worker, too! I laughed at our similarities! :)

  2. Hi there, pretty Jessica!

    I do the 10 minute timer game when my house is out of control but since my boy has been out of town, my house stays so clean!

    although I'm a friendly and talkative person I get *really* flustered if I run into someone I know out in public. My mind actually goes blank and my heart pounds. So dumb! Ha-ha! Please do analyze me! :)

    1. Hi Holly! :) I have days when I feel really silly when I am bustling around for 10 minutes. I have to laugh at myself.
      It's so funny that you say that you get flustered when you are encounter someone out in public. I do, too. I turn a bright shade of red for whatever reason! It's so embarrassing. ha.