Friday, August 9, 2013

favorite blogs

I recently minimized my list of reads in my blog reader.  I had 300+ a few months ago, and now I have about 50 that I am reading.  I tend to like personal blogs that post daily or fairly regularly.  I especially like those that share pictures of their beautiful homes.  I am constantly looking for inspiration there.  Other favorite projects/categories include Project Life, daily life, fun fashion, good recipes, and paper crafting.  What typically lures me in though is quality photography and individuality.  (I tend not to like blogs that share pictures that are not their own no matter how beautiful the pictures are).   I thought it would be fun to share my top ten favorite blogs in no particular order:

Enjoy It by Elise::  I've been reading Elise's blog for years, and I love it.  Elise's blog is a lifestyle blog, so she blogs about so much.  Her content evolves with her life, which I like.  My favorite topics include home decor, Project Life, goal-setting, and recently, motherhood.
Look What I Made by Molly::  I started reading Molly's blog a few months ago, and I am really enjoying it.  Her Project Life album is amazing.  I love her posts about her layouts.  She has a fun style.
A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma:: Is there somebody out there who doesn't read Elsie and Emma's blog?  They are wildly successful, and you don't have to read long to see why.  They have such a good eye.  I've been reading their blog for years.
Julie Ann Art by Julie Ann:: I recently started reading Julie Ann's blog after attending the Queen Bee Market.  I love the naughty cards in her shop.
Ann-Marie Loves by Ann-Marie::
I've been reading Ann-Marie's blog for a few months.  I especially love her Workspace Wednesday posts and her mini albums.
Insideways by Jen::  After I saw Jen's home featured on A Beautiful Mess a few weeks ago, Jen's blog became an instant favorite.  I love, love, love her style.
Pam Garrison:  I've been reading Pam's blog for a few months.  She is such a talented artist.  I am always amazed by art journaling.  I love seeing her projects.
Dandee by Danyelle::  I've been reading Danyelle's blog for a few years.  I like the clean look to her projects.  Does that make sense?  They are light and pleasing to the eyes if that helps.  I love her parties for her little ones.  They are always adorable.
The Band Wife by Laura::  I recently started reading Laura's blog.  She posts several DIY projects for her home.  She also alters her clothes, and I love that.
I do read a few more than these as I said, but these are currently my favorites.
Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Heyyy... I recognize one of those faces!! ;) THANK YOU!

    I am so behind on reading my blogs (obviously) so I should really follow your lead by cutting back. :)

    1. :) Yours is one of my top favorites! Thank YOU for your awesome posts!! I am glad you stopped by!!