Tuesday, August 27, 2013

20 things about this pregnancy

Here's 20 things about being pregnant this time around:
us 4
1.  Jesse and I both come from big families. He has 3 sisters and 1 brother. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. When we were engaged before we had children, we had discussed having 4 children together. The number changed over the years (I thought 3 was it for us), but here we are having 4. 
2.  I have been craving foods from my childhood especially meals that my mom used to make (and sometimes still makes). My mom is Guatemalan, so we used to eat plenty of Guatemalan staples. A wild card for me to be craving is black beans and eggs. My mom used to make it often when I was growing up. She would serve it with corn tortillas, queso fresco or cotija cheese, sour cream, and fresh Serrano chiles. I never thought I would be making it for my family because I wasn't the biggest fan... It has been delicious though and my family loves it.
3.  This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I am due in less than two weeks. When I was pregnant with my first, I was constantly keeping track of how far along I was and what to expect each month. This time, I hardly kept track and didn't stress over what to expect. I know what to expect: increasing discomfort. ;)
4.  I notice that because I have made significant changes to my diet and I make overall better food choices (don't misunderstand, I do I have slip ups), I haven't gotten indigestion like I did with my other pregnancies, which was very uncomfortable.
5.  I have been drinking spinach smoothies often this pregnancy because I haven't been feeling vegetables, which I typically like. I need to hide the taste of them right now.
6.  Because my iron is low, I have been extra tired. I have conflicting feelings of wanting to be productive (I'm nesting) or wanting to nap.
7.  I have been hot this pregnancy. With my last pregnancy I was more cold than hot even though I was pregnant around the same time. Jesse and I laugh about how he wakes up bundled like a burrito and I kick off the blankets towards his side of the bed.
8.  *Ducking* I know it's a terrible thing to admit, but I don't like my body shape. At all. When I complain, Jesse has directed himself to the baby, and said, "She's talking about your little house." :)
9.  I don't like it when people touch my stomach without permission. I've mentioned that I am very introverted, so random touching feels like a violation of my personal space. I had a girl literally lift up my shirt during my last pregnancy to try and touch my naked belly. I say try because I pulled my shirt down quickly, and didn't let her. It was so invasive that it has to be funny, right?
10.  Speaking of tummy touching, when I was pregnant with Evie, Lani was 2 1/2 and she would press her little stomach against my growing belly.  (Who knows what she was thinking?)  I told Addy about that, and she pressed her stomach on mine twice during this pregnancy.  Lani used to do it several times a week.
11.  I like to guess the baby's mood when she is moving. She was forcefully active one night and I decided she must have been have been grumpy that I was laying down and not lulling her to sleep by walking around. (They do love the movement! ;)
12.  I have very few pieces of maternity clothes, and most of what I do have I saved from my last pregnancies. I wear regular clothes in a bigger size, and that works for me (and it's not as expensive). My favorite pieces include solid colored dresses or dresses with simple geometric patterns.
13.  It worked out that "Lani," "Evie," and "Addy" all have 3 syllables and an "L" and an "N."  We didn't plan it; it just worked out that way. We decided to pick a name with the same criteria for the baby. It wasn't easy, but we found a name. We'll be sharing it when the baby is born.
14.  Another craving includes fruit. Watermelon makes me happy.
15.  I hate how much weight I've gained. I have made so many lifestyle changes after embarking on my weight loss journey a few years ago (see here) that I am disappointed about the number though rationally I know I shouldn't be. I do eat better and move more (especially in comparison to my other pregnancies). I think I am one of those people that gains more than average, which is a bummer for me. I expressed my concern to my doctor, and he said not to worry about it because my blood pressure is good and I don't have gestational diabetes. He said I have a good body chemistry. Still.  I don't like it.
16.  I am very happy to be having another girl. People assume I wanted another boy because I already have 3 girls, but that's not true.
17.  I am looking forward to smelling my little one's neck and kissing her at her jawline.  
18.  I am anxious to see how Addy reacts to her little sister.
19.  Jesse is worried that I will deliver too quickly this time. Our hospital is about 45 minutes away and I think he thinks we will be one of the couples that has to deliver our baby on the side of the freeway in our car.
20.  More than my other pregnancies, I marvel at the little person growing. How amazing that little organs, eyes, unique features, etc. have formed, and will define this beautiful person.


  1. Thank you for sharing, this is so beautiful to read!!

  2. Thanks for poppin' by and commenting. What a lovely post about your pregnancy. Wishing you much joy and blessings.