Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 current, favorite things

homemade granola
1.  Homemade granola with greek yogurt and fruit:
This is the recipe to the granola..  It is super easy to make, and is as good as it looks.  I had been itching to make granola for a while, and just got around to it.  I've had the granola for breakfast on my yogurt with banana slices.
2.  Pilot Razor Point Pens:
I've been reading Hope's blog for years. A while ago, she mentioned her favorite pens were these Pilot Razor Point Pens.  Being a long time admirer of her journals, I trusted her expertise on pens and bought both a pack of black and a pack of the assorted colors.  I love these pens.  I use them in my Project Life album, and in my food journal.  
project life
3.  My Project Life album:
This memory keeping system really works for me, and I have been really enjoying the process.  
(Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins.  The idea is to use sectional protective sheets to store and present pictures and embellishments.  Pictures can be slipped right in their original printed sizes to make memory keeping easy.  Journaling cards are also sold cut to size to be slipped right in.  It can't get any easier.  Be sure to check out Becky Higgins' site because I am not doing the products justice!) 
4.  Coffee with Natural Bliss low- fat vanilla creamer:
I had been on the market for healthier additions to my coffee.  I had been using artificially sweetened creamers, and was feeling like a change was necessary.  A few months ago, I was happy to find Nestle's Natural Bliss creamer.  
spider plant
5.  Zebra plants:
Last week, I blogged about my love of indoor plants.  I had to include my zebra plant in my 10 favorite things.  I love that plant, and I don't get tired of photographing it. Also, ever since I've seen Pam Garrison's zebra succulent, I want one.

6.  Mini alphabet stickers:
I recently started using my alphabet stickers again.  It had been a long time since I had even looked at them.  I had sorted through all of them several months ago, kept only the ones I loved, and gave the rest away.  I noticed that I kept and liked the smaller typed stickers.  Molly at "Look What I Made" recently posted some of her Project Life favorite products and linked to some companies that sold small alphabet stickers like Basic Grey and October Afternoon.  I added those to my stash, and am loving them on my Project Life pages.

school supplies
7.  New, school supplies:
I haven't been a student in a few years, but I love buying new school supplies.  I miss buying pens and my 5 subject binder for lecture notes and for storing the syllabuses from each class and other loose handouts.  Truthfully, I miss being a student.  Luckily, I can buy my little ones school supplies for school.
craft space
8. My craft space:
This space is much more functional for me than the old space I used to have! I put 2 Ikea expedit shelves side by side to make a sofa table.  I put it behind our sectional couch.  It divides our living room area and dining area.  I am using the shelves to store my craft supplies.  I have a tendency to use the top for crafting, as well.  I am going to take better pictures of it soon and share it here.  

new phone
9. My new phone:
My "old" phone got stolen last week from my car (in the parking lot at the doctor's office!) along with my makeup bag, Jesse's belt, and his earphones. I bought a new phone and I really like it.

10. WW weeklies:
I haven't been a WA member because I am pregnant, so I haven't been going to the meetings, but my sister gives me her weeklies after she goes.  I love them.  I think they are full of good tips even right now that I'm pregnant.

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