Wednesday, July 31, 2013

workspace wednesday

When it comes to projects I am working on for the week, Project Life is always a priority.  It looks like I will have two albums for the year, and I am coming to the end of the first one. 7
There's only about three weeks left of summer break, so I will be ending my current album after summer break. I think the reason I will only need two albums (unlike others who need three) is that I have been mostly making one page 12x12" spreads for each week and not two like I have seen.   I'm excited that I have this whole year documented so far.  It feels like a huge accomplishment.  Jesse and my girls love to look through the album.  It makes me happy to see my girls look though the book and laugh at some of the pictures.  It's a win win all around.  That's probably enough of my *Project Life plug of the day.* ;)
Anyhow, this week I am working on the last few pages of my current album: the last few weeks of summer break, my cousin's wedding coming up, and the closing page of this album.  I am usually not this nutty about working ahead, but I think that I am excited to start the new album.
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Because my girls are starting school school soon I pulled out some school themed patterned paper to use as inserts.
The paper is cute, but I'm not ready for summer break to end!
;) Happy mess-making!

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  1. Your album sounds like lots of work but something to cherish. Love that school themed paper.

    1. Hi Pam,
      I think it is fun work. I really enjoy working on it. :)