Wednesday, July 24, 2013

workspace wednesday

I worked on a few projects this week.  For starters, I am all caught up with my Project Life album.  (I love Project Life. . . but you already know that.  :)    

(Read more about my Project Life book here).
workspace wednesday 1 workspace wednesday 2 workspace wednesday 3 workspace wednesday 4 workspace wednesday 5
I am also working on a few packets for my etsy shop.  You may remember those journaling cards I made a few weeks ago from weekly planner notepads.  (If not, look here).
workspace wednesday 6
I thought maybe some of you would like to have a few sheets for your projects.  I am going to sell them for a few dollars in my etsy shop.
workspace wednesday 7
I made a few packets.
workspace wednesday 8
I also took all of the books from my etsy shop, and I am going to make a listing of all of them at a discounted price.  It's no secret that I am obsessed with tiny books. . . some of my favorite tiny book makers have their books in their etsy shops, and I want to buy ALL of them.  I buy one or two here and there, but if I had a discounted price for the whole lot of them, that would be incentive for me to buy them all at once.
workspace wednesday 9
Maybe that's just me.  haha.  We'll see.  ;)
workspace wednesday 10
I am also putting together an ice-cream ephemera kit together.  I love ice-cream themed paper embellishments.  I have a few items that I would love to share with those of you who are interested.  :)
workspace wednessday 11
Finally, I am putting together a little "heart/red" crafts kit.  Heart themed paper embellishments is another favorite of mine.
workspace wednessday 12 workspace wednessday 13
I am hoping to have these in my shop some time next week.  I will for sure let you know here when I do.  :)
Happy mess-making!

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  1. hey busy bee!

    everything looks wonderful!

    i hope all is well.

    happiest summer wishes!


    1. Hi Elyse! Thank you for your sweet comment. :) I am squeezing in every bit of summer I can before it is over. It's a beautiful time of year.