Saturday, July 27, 2013

summer break week #8

VBS started this week at church, and Jesse took our girls to participate in the fun activities and lessons.
Every day the kids started with singing songs and going over a memory verse.  After that, they were split up by age groups and taken to centers: games, crafts, a story/skit, a video lesson, and snack time.  Lani and Evie were together when they split up and Jesse stayed with Addy helping her rotate to the different centers.  They came back together at the end with the rest of the group to sing more songs and dismiss.  My girls always enjoy VBS.  This year was no exception.  :)

Day 36 (Monday) of my girls' summer break:: for game time at VBS, Addy played on the grass with the kids her age.  Lani and Evie played red light/green light.  For craft time, Addy stamped; Lani and Evie made an ornament.  Snack time included popcorn, kix, and oreo treats.
1 4
On day 37 (Tuesday), I took my girls to the library in the morning.  It was a puppet show this week.  It was a cute story about a lazy grasshopper and the lesson he learns about planning ahead like ants who are always working hard and storing food for the winter.
That night Jesse took our girls to VBS again.  
vbs day 2 1 vbs day 2 2
For game time, Addy played Duck, Duck, Goose.  Lani and Evie played tag.  For craft time, Addy stamped again; Lani and Evie made a puzzle.  Snacks included heart shaped watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, and pretzels.  Yum.

Day 38 (Wednesday), Jesse took our girls to VBS again.
VBS day 3 4  VBS day 3 7 VBS day 3 8  
For game time, Addy played with squirting fish (it was a huge hit).  Lani and Evie played freeze tag.  For craft time, Addy played with play doh; Lani and Evie made canvas paintings.  Snack time included sliced apples with caramel or Nutella and vegetable chips.

Day 39 (Thursday) was another VBS day.
VBS day 4 4
For game time, Addy played with squirting fish again (she loved it); Lani and Evie played couples tag.  Lani, Evie, and Addy decorated boxes for craft time.  The snack included bananas, Nutella, and crackers.

Day 40 (Friday) was the last day of VBS.  For game time, they all played with a big parachute bouncing a ball and running under it.  For craft time, they all decorated a small canvas pouch with fabric paint and glitter. They were super cute.  Snack time included goldfish crackers, popcorn, and vegetable chips.
day 5 1 day 5 2
It was another fun, summer break week.  :)

(Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links.  
Week 2's highlight includes chunky crayons.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 3's highlights include daisy chain bracelets and paper dolls.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 4's highlights include frozen, chocolate covered bananas and sidewalk paint.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 5's highlights include tin can windsocks and pie baking.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 6 was Jesse's summer vacation, so we had a busy week.  Our activities included going to the beach, a reptile show, kite flying, going to the $1 theater, and making a cake.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 7's highlights include jelly bean bracelets and paper circuses.  Click here for pictures and links.)

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