Saturday, July 20, 2013

summer break week #7

On day 31 (Monday) of my daughters' summer break, we made jelly bean bracelets.
Week 3 Day 1 (1)
This was a fun one.  We nibbled on a few jelly beans while they worked.
Week 3 Day 1 (2)
jelly bean bracelets
On day 32 (Tuesday), I took my kids to the library for the weekly show (and to check out a few more books- we always do when we go).  This week it was a juggler, who juggled all sorts of unusual things like frying pans, eggs, tennis rackets, even a bowling ball.  My kids really enjoyed the show.
Week 3 Day 2 (1)
On day 33 (Wednesday), we went to our city's Farmer's Market.
Week 3 Day 3 (1)
The highlight was getting snow cones.
snow cones
On day 34 (Thursday), we took our kids to the park to ride their scooters.
Week 3 Day 4 (1)
They rode them until after sunset.
Week 3 Day 4 (3)
On day 35 (Friday), I printed out a paper circus.  We made a paper city a few weeks ago.  The printable for the paper circus was from the same artist.  They were super cute. 
Week 3 Day 5 (1)
paper circus (Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links.  
Week 2's highlight includes chunky crayons.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 3's highlights include daisy chain bracelets and paper dolls.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 4's highlights include frozen, chocolate covered bananas and sidewalk paint.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 5's highlights include tin can windsocks and pie baking.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 6 was Jesse's summer vacation, so we had a busy week.  Our activities included going to the beach, a reptile show, kite flying, going to the $1 theater, and making a cake.  Click here for pictures and links.)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!