Sunday, July 14, 2013

summer break week #6

My husband was on vacation, so it was busier than usual  (in a good way) this week. That's also why I wasn't around much.
On day 26 of my daughters' summer break, we went to Laguna Beach.
vacation (day 26) 1
We try to go to Laguna Beach every summer.  We usually have lunch, play in the waves, and make sand mermaids.
vacation (day 26) 4 vacation (day 26) 7
On day 27, Jesse and my brother-in-law Oscar took my daughters to watch a reptile show at the library.
vacation (day 27) 3
My littlest volunteered to go on stage.  She held a tortoise.  My other daughters also volunteered, and they held a snake.
On day 28, we headed to the mall.  One of my daughters still had some birthday money leftover; she used it to buy a make-up kit, rings, and earrings, all which she shared with her sisters.  (They've been wearing crazy eyeshadow lately.  They also threw pennies into the fountain, which they always enjoy.
Later that evening, Jesse took them to the park to fly their kites.  They got the kites as reading rewards at the library.  My oldest chose a book and beach ball this week.  She still flew kites with them though.
vacation (day 28) 2 vacation (day 28) 3
On day 29, we went to watch The Croods at the $1 theater.  (We love the $1 theater ;). vacation (day 29) 2
On day 30, I had them make a cake (similar to this one), so we could have it for lunch the next day.
cake vacation (day 30) 2 vacation (day 30) 3
It was very tasty, and my daughters loved that they helped prepare it.

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