Saturday, July 6, 2013

summer break week #5

On day 21 of my girls' summer break, we made 4th of July "Tin Can Windsocks."  The tutorial can be found here.  My girls really enjoyed this project, and looked satisfied with their windsocks being hung outside.  
tin can wind socks for 4th of july On day 22, we went to the library for a balloon storytelling show this week.
week 5 day 22 1 On day 23, the girls made several pies with Jasmine (my sister) for our 4th of July barbecue.  They made a few apple pies, a blueberry/cherry pie, and an apricot pie.  Oscar's family (Oscar is Jasmine's husband, remember?) has several fruit trees.  They got the apples and apricots from the tree.  :)  See here.  Pie baking was a hit with my girls.  They love to bake!
Week 5 Day 23 1 Day 24 was the 4th of July.  We hosted a barbecue, my girls went swimming, and then we went to watch the fireworks.  The entire day was full of fun activities.
pie for 4th of July   Week 5 Day 24 9

Week 5 Day 24 7
I can't get enough of that pie!
On day 25, grandpa (my dad) treated our family to watching Despicable Me 2.  My girls love going to the movies.
week 5 Day 25 001 (Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links.  
Week 2's highlight includes chunky crayons.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 3's highlights include daisy chain bracelets and paper dolls.  Click here for pictures and links.
Week 4's highlights include frozen, chocolate covered bananas and sidewalk paint.  Click here for pictures and links.)

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