Thursday, July 25, 2013

ice cream themed paper bag album

I mentioned yesterday that I am putting together an ice cream kit for my etsy shop.  Because I was gathering goodies, I pulled out all ice cream themed embellishments and papers I had in my stash.  Some of this stuff I've been hoarding for years, so I decided enough is enough- I'm making something.
I decided to make a mini paper bag album.  In my first paper bag album tutorial, I mentioned there were several ways to bind a paper bag.  That time I used paper.  This time I used book rings.  Easy.
First, I cut my coordinating paper to size (4" by 4" for this one. Each lunch bag is 8" by 4" in size). I folded the paper bags in half and then adhered my paper.

Then I punched holes in two of the corners where I would be binding my album.
Finally, I added my embellishments- flashcards, labels, rhinestones, stickers, buttons, etc.

This is the front cover:
The first layout:
The second layout:
The third layout:
The fourth layout:
The fifth and final layout:
and the back cover:
A few summers ago, Jesse said we would go get ice cream with our girls every Friday to start the weekend together.  It was a nice, little tradition. I think we should start that up when the girls go to school as a last hurrah for summer.  The days are going to get busy with school, and we need to squeeze in every, little bit of summer we can.  :)  I'll be using the little album for those pictures.

See more of my paper bag albums here. I have another tutorial here.
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