Monday, July 29, 2013

for the love of indoor plants

I love indoor plants.  My mom had several of them when I was growing up.  My dad used to be a florist, and I think he would bring them home to her when he thought she would like them.  She has several of them now all above her entertainment center and china cabinet.  
When I was dating Jesse, his mom bought me a plant, I killed it, and put the label on myself that I had a black thumb.
For years I didn't buy plants because I thought I had a black thumb when, really, I think I was just inexperienced.  So I shook off that label, and bought some plants.  
What I've learned about raising indoor plants is that some will die, which is sad, but true. That doesn't mean I have a black thumb.  (I refuse to believe it!)  I try not to let it deter me from buying more plants.
I've also learned not to overwater   This is tough for me.  I, now, feel the soil and if it feels moist, I fight the urge to water it anyway even though a few days have passed.  This means checking my plants often because they don't all need to be watered at the same time.  I love succulents, but they really don't like to be overwatered, and I have a hard time with them.  With succulents, I'm like a little girl with a puppy she loves so much she squeezes it too hard.  I have one succulent right now, and it's lost some leaves, and I'm worried I am squeezing it too hard.  ;)
I also learned that bigger plants tend to be more resistant to a little neglect.  This is my biggest plant in the corner of my dining area:
I love it.
My favorite plant, by far, is my zebra plant though it's a very finicky plant:
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