Monday, July 15, 2013

currently in july

flair buttons

★preparing fun, summer break activities every week for my girls and proud I have been keeping up so far
★starting to really feel our little one move- she's been so active lately :)
★watching Arrested Development with Jesse after our girls have gone to bed
★reading the news, which is not like me
★searching for plants- I can't get enough and the ones I got on clearance a few weeks ago didn't make it :(
★catching up with Project Life- I'm only about a week behind
★obsessed with Project Life- I love it
★drinking spinach smoothies to get in my vegetable servings
★eating cereal with banana slices every morning- I don't feel complete without it...  also black beans
★loving sleeping in- with my girls going back to school soon and with our little one coming I know the days are numbered
★wishing summer break wouldn't go by so fast
★needing to get more active- Jillian, where are you?
★hoping to get it together and get some activity in this week
★weather in the 100's usually where I live
★feeling hot, but . . . 
★grateful for Jesse insisting we keep the AC on to keep my pregnant self sane 
★wearing maternity shorts, tank tops, sandals, a few dresses
★wanting to chill out literally and figuratively :)

[I purchased "My Life Days of the Week" flair buttons in the etsy shop "A Flair for Buttons" by Shelley Haganman here. Love them!]

Be back soon!

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