Tuesday, June 11, 2013

top 5's

June 2013 006 what I'm eating/drinking:
cottage cheese with fruit
hard boiled eggs
decaf coffee with Natural Bliss low fat vanilla creamer

This list amuses me because typically these are not foods that I reach for (besides the bananas- I love bananas).  Being pregnant has tweaked my taste buds.  

what I'm wearing:
maternity shorts
racerback tank tops
maxi dresses
flip flops
top knots

what's in my purse:
my food journal
my weekly planner
pencil bag full of markers/pens
my camera
Weight Watcher magazine/weeklies

what's in my car:
a trio of kids
a big, pre-summer mess
leftover breakfast stuff- granola bar wrappers, etc. (part of the pre-summer mess)
as little of me as possible- I haven't felt like driving lately

what I'm watching:
Modern Family
Friends reruns
hmmm... not much of anything else

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