Friday, June 28, 2013

summer break week #4

somerset life 2
(If you didn't already see the exciting news about my artwork being published in Somerset Life be sure to read more about it here in my previous post.  :)

On day 16 of my girls' summer break, we went to the library to sign up for the library's summer reading program.  The idea is to check out books from the library and read 5 books, 50 pages, or for 30 minutes (depending on what is age appropriate).  The library, then, rewards the kids with prizes once a week.  On Monday, they checked out their books and read them that evening.
day 1
On day 17, we went back to the library for their free program.  This week it was a magic show. The show was very funny.  My girls laughed hard throughout the show.  Because they had read the night before, they were also able to redeem their prizes for the week.

On day 18, my sister Jasmine made frozen, chocolate covered bananas with them.  She used bananas (obviously ;), milk chocolate chips, skewers, and peanut toppings.  They really liked them, and ate them the next day after they froze overnight.
day 3 2
On day 19, my girls went to grandma's house for cooking and embroidery class.  They continued to work on their embroidered tote bags.  They also made dinner with my mom.
day 4 3
On day 20, we made sidewalk paint using Nikki's tutorial.  (I love Nikki's ideas as I am sure you can tell by now! ;)  I had my girls paint at sunset because it was too hot to do it earlier in the day.  (That's why I didn't get the best pictures).
june 2013 002
We will definitely be doing this again!  I love the pastel color of the paint when it dries.
june 2013 009
(Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links.  
Week 2's highlight includes chunky crayons.  Click here for pictures and links.
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