Friday, June 21, 2013

summer break week #3

On day 11 of my daughters' summer break, I had several overripe bananas, so I had them make banana bread.  They made it mostly on their own with very little help from me.  We had enough bananas for 2 loaves this time.  They had some for breakfast the next morning.
day 1 2
On day 12 the girls went to grandma's house again for cooking and embroidery "class."
On day 13 I taught the girls to make daisy chains for bracelets.
day 3 (b)
(I taught myself first using these directions from another kid's craft kit. 
day 3 2(b)
On day 14, we took  our daughters to "the close park" as they refer to it, had a picnic for dinner, and they rode their scooters around the park.  This was on their list of to-do's for summer break.
picnic 1
On day 15, I printed paper dolls, and made a sample for them. day 5  
day 5 2
My daughters colored them, and they made clothes for them.  I was inspired by Sarah's picture on Instagram.  Sarah linked to This Mama Makes Stuff, who has a tutorial and free printable of the dolls.

(Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links.  
Week 2's highlight includes chunky crayons.  Click here for pictures and links.) 

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!