Friday, June 14, 2013

summer break week #2

On day 6 of my daughters' summer break, they took a plaster magnet kit, and painted the magnets.  My daughter got several crafting kits on her birthday.  This was super fun project for them (and easy for me- it didn't require any forethought.
day 1
On day 7 we melted down our many broken crayons and made chunky crayons.  My kids were super excited about this one.  It was also a fun project.  Here's a link to the tutorial if you want to get in on this action. 
summer break day 2
On day 8 we ran around town shopping. That part wasn't my daughters' favorite, but they did like our stop at Target for some big notebooks for them for drawing/writing.  They also liked our Red Robin lunch outing.
June 2013 015
On day 9 my daughters went to grandma's house for cooking and embroidery.  My mom bought these canvas tote bags, and they are working on embroidering them (I really like this idea!). summer break day 4
On day 10 we used another one of my daughter's birthday craft kits and made garden mosaic art- June 2013 004 another fun and easy project.   June 2013 014
I am looking forward to next week's activities.

(Week 1's highlights include corner, monster book marks and paper cities.  Click here for pictures and links).