Thursday, June 20, 2013

addy's eats*

These are some of my toddler's meals.
Addy's Eats (10)
toast with a tuna spread, strawberries, and carrots
Addy's Eats (1)
pumpkin seed granola, cottage cheese, and grapes
Addy's Eats (9)
whole wheat pasta with turkey bacon + Alfredo sauce and steamed broccoli
Addy's Eats (3)
oatmeal pancake and banana slices
Addy's Eats (4)
pesto sandwiches and baked potato wedges
Addy's Eats (8)
pizza and California mixed vegetables
Addy's Eats (12)
whole grain tortilla, turkey, cucumber, tomato, and pesto wraps
Addy's Eats (11)
french toast, strawberries + chocolate, egg, and turkey link

(*This feature was inspired by James' "Bird Food" feature on her blog Bleubird.  James shares the variety of healthy food her little one eats.  I liked it so much I wanted to share what my little one eats, too.  To see more of Addy's Eats, click here.)