Thursday, April 18, 2013

jasmine's bridal shower

My sister Jennifer, my mom, and I hosted my sister Jasmine's bridal shower.  Her wedding colors are yellow and gray.  We went with yellow for the color scheme.  We kept the decorations simple with several floral centerpieces (yellow roses were the focal point.  My dad used to be a florist, so he made all of the arrangements for us).  We had two bigger arrangements on the cupcake table.  They were beautiful.
bridal 2

bridal 20 bridal 21 bridal 25
bridal 24
We had about 30 guests.  We kept lunch simple with a sandwich bar.  We had turkey and roast beef cold cuts, various cheese options, assorted vegetables and spreads, and a few pasta salads.  We served strawberry lemonade and personalized water bottles for the guests.
bridal 19
bridal 23
My sister Jennifer and I put together a few games.  This is me on the left and Jennifer on the right:
bridal 18
During lunch, we handed out a crossword puzzle with trivia about Jasmine and her fiancee Oscar.  Afterwards, we had the guests fill out a card with a favorite memory/adventure with Jasmine.  We read the cards out loud and had the guests guess who wrote the card.  That was fun!  The day before the bridal shower, I asked Oscar to answer a series of questions and recorded him.   I asked him things like "Where did you first meet?" "What is the last thing Jasmine does before she goes to sleep?" etc.  I had Jasmine answer the questions, as well.  After each question, I played back Oscar's answer to see if they matched.  That game got a lot of laughs.  Jennifer put together a purse scavenger hunt.  Some ladies have interesting items in their purse!  One of my favorite games involved handing each table a scenario from Jasmine and Oscar's past and having the group reenact the scenario.  Here is an example of one of the scenarios: "'Accidental Figure Skating:' Oscar, Jasmine, Oscar's friend Randy, and Jasmine’s friend Andrea went ice-skating together. In efforts to throw Randy and Andrea off balance, Oscar and Jasmine dashed towards them. The joke was on them when they slipped. Oscar trying his best to keep Jasmine from falling held on to her hands. Jasmine spun around Oscar several times. Randy and Andrea thought they were attempting an ice skating trick."  The final game included writing down my sister's comments as she opened her gifts.  When she was done opening her gifts, we read the comments saying they would be her comments on her wedding night. "Oh, that's so cute!"  "I love this!"
bridal 16 
Jasmine, the bride-to-be, is on the left.
bridal 12
We had a really good time.  :)

(Some of the pictures were taken by Jasmine or my cousin Marta).

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