Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a memorable valentine's day

This past Valentine’s Day was one of the most memorable of the 14 that I've spent with my husband Jesse. Jesse and I had been contemplating how we would celebrate the day together weeks before. We had settled on dinner and a movie when our daughter said, “On Valentine’s Day, we should…” We both froze, and realized we need to make Valentine’s Day special for them, too, and not just ourselves. We did go to dinner a few days before Valentine’s Day, and bought chocolate to share. (Yum).
The weekend before Jesse bought me 2 of the 4x2 Expedit bookcases as a present (I am in the process of clearing out my craft room, minimalizing my supplies, and moving them to our dining area- more on that another day). We are still shopping around for a grill for him.

On Valentine’s Day, my sister had prepared delicious finger foods for her fiancée (look at her post here), prepped everything here at my house and kindly made extras for my family. She made chocolate covered strawberries, Oreo cheesecakes, and a cheese platter and fruit platter. It was so good!
Jesse and I had agreed to pizza and salad for dinner with our girls. I surprised him by making that caramel apple cheesecake he liked so much from Thanksgiving. pie 8
During dinner, we gave our girls little Valentine’s Day baskets we had made for them with various treats. (I really should have taken pictures). As we were sitting around enjoying dinner, Jesse said he had been practicing a song he wanted to sing to me. I should interject here, that Jesse is not the type of guy to sing a song as a romantic gesture, so I was very surprised.  He brought out his guitar, and sang Jack Johnson’s song Angel.  Here is a video of the song below.
Not only did I cry, but our oldest daughter cried, as well. C:

My favorite stanza in the song is “She could make angels. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You’ve gotta be careful when you’ve got good love ‘cause the angels will just keep on multiplying.”
It made me laugh out loud during the song because we are expecting Baby #4 in September.


  1. Ok. This is so cute. I am here to testify that it's true that the song was out of character!! =)

    so happy for the future Rodarte. (s)he's got blessed with great parents =)

  2. OMG how fabulous for you...now we def are two crazy lady's. we will both have four and be crafty crazy mommies...
    ill cross my finders for some blue for J man.

  3. Congratulations!! How wonderful to have 4 babies!