Thursday, December 6, 2012

my weight loss toolbox: added activities

I started Jillian Michael's DVD Extreme Shed and Shred.  The DVD has 2- 35 minute workouts.  I am doing Level 1 for the first 2 weeks and then "upgrading" to Level 2 for the last 2 weeks.  (This is part of my December goals- you may remember).  As always, Jillian is tough.  Evie, my six year old, was randomly discussing fear the other day.  She asked if everybody was afraid of something.  I said, "Yes, I believe so."  Lani, my 9 year old, asked what I was afraid of...  After some hesitation, I revealed, "Jillian!"  hee...  I'm scared of Jillian in a good way.  Paradoxically, I am addicted to her workouts.  They are short, yet effective, which is just what I like and need.

I also started going to a Zumba class twice a week within walking distance of my house.  (Love that).  I love Zumba.  I am totally late to this trend, but glad I started.  I had walked by one of the classes one day a few months ago, and could hear the loud music as I walked by, which sparked my interest.  A few weeks ago when I had had one of those one night stands with food (and was searching for some added activity the next day), I asked my sister if she would go with me.  She did, and now we are both hooked.  (My other sister joins us often, as well).  It is so much fun that it hardly feels like a workout.  If you speak the Weight Watcher lingo, it is 10 activity points for me for the 1 hour class!  It's awesome.  Zumba classes are everywhere.  If you are so inclined, definitely check it out!  

I am still trucking along with the Mile a Day challenge.  It take me about 15 minutes or so jog the mile (I am a very slow runner).  I am considering bumping it to 2 miles mid month.  We'll see...

Better eating and adding activity to my life have become hobbies. They don't feel like burdens anymore as they once did.  They are now challenges I heartily accept.  I struggle with things, obviously, but my mindset is progress and not perfection.

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