Monday, December 3, 2012

muffin tin monday: doughnut snowman

I included participating in Muffin Tin Monday (click here for more of my muffin tin meals) as part of my December goals.  I've seen so many good ideas for this time of year (see my Christmas Pinterest board), and wanted to make some fun treats for my girls this month.
Muffin Tin Monday: doughnut snowman
Last year, I saw Amy's doughnut snowman post, and about fainted due to the cuteness.  ;)

This muffin tin meal includes:
doughnut snowmen, yogurt with festive sprinkles, trail mix, a clementine, snowman shaped toast with peanut butter, and 1/2 a banana.
Muffin Tin Monday: doughnut snowman

Muffin Tin Monday: doughnut snowman See more muffin tin meals here.


  1. I think I say this about every Muffin Tin Monday, but this one is definitely my favorite!!!

    1. I loved that little snowman when I saw it. I had been waiting since last year to do it! :)