Friday, December 28, 2012

goals: 2012 wrap-up

I used to make a list at the beginning of the year of what I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday.  "X things I wanted to do before I turned Y" list.  I love the concept, but it didn't work for me.  By the end of the year, some of the goals were no longer relevant and I had only crossed off, like,  3 things.  This year I tried something new.  I tried to make a smaller list of monthly goals like Elise.  I started in January- read more here.

I listed my goals at the beginning of every month (or close to the beginning).
monthly goals
1. January Goals, 2. February Goals, 3. March Goals, 4. April Goals, 5. May Goals, 6. June Goals, 7. July Goals, 8. August Goals, 9. September goals, 10. October Goals, 11. November Goals, 12. December goals

This method works best for me.  I can even say I completed 29 things before I turned 30.  :)  I will be doing this again next year.  The only change is that I hope to follow up with my goals at the end of the month.

Read more about my goals for 2012 here.

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  1. I really like your monthly lists of goals and manageable items to check off. You are far more organized than I my dear. Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...

  2. that is an awesome idea...I think I might do this...maybe it will keep me organized...ok off to finish the baby room. it would be nice if it was almost complete before she turns one in february .... have a fab new year

  3. This is a great, manageable idea!

  4. I love the Mosaic. So much accomplished this year!