Wednesday, November 28, 2012

workspace wednesday

I have been thinking and feeling inspired to Christmas craft.  I headed to Michael's earlier this week mostly to spark some ideas for this season.  I left with a small bag of treats including this tape: Workspace Wednesday
I am working on my December daily using Elise's Holiday 2012 book as the base.  I am also itching to  make a peppermint candy wreath; a garland for our Christmas tree; an advent calendar; felt stockings; fun, food treats for my girls; which is all that I can think of on the spot.  If I starting going though my Pinterest boards, I am sure I could think of more.  We'll see how much I can get through this December.
Happy Wednesday.  :)

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  1. my michaels didnt get that washi tape...:(
    good to see u crafting again,,,

    1. The tape was in a hidden spot at my Michael's. It wasn't with the paper crafts, so maybe yours is hidden, too? I found mine by the books.