Friday, November 30, 2012

my weight loss toolbox: added activity

I completed 4 weeks of Jillian Michael's DVD Ripped in 30. It was one of my goals for November, and I am happy to report I can check that off of my list. One of my favorite lines in the DVD is Jillian saying, "It hurts so good." Ha.  :)  This DVD was tough!  I will probably pick it up again in a month or so.  I could feel the difference in my body with this DVD (as I do with all of Jillian's DVDs).  I am going to start another one of her DVDs in December as part of my December goals.  I am also participating in Elise's A Mile a Day challenge.  It started on Thanksgiving, and will continue until New Years.  
Mile A Day
I've been talking about running for a while, and am now getting to it.  

I am curious to see how I will like running after this experience.  I've had negative experiences with running in the past, and maybe this will turn it around.  Maybe?  We'll see.  At any rate, I'm giving running a shot.  It is fun to challenge myself and do things I never thought my body could do.

There's still time to join if you want to.  Like Elise, I am taking pictures, and posting them on Instagram (@jessicarrodarte) with the hashtag #mileaday.  

(Want to know more about My Weight Loss Toolbox?  Start here, and continue here). 

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