Thursday, October 11, 2012

petite inspiration box for kids

This past summer, my girls swapped with Heather's girls.  I first mentioned it when I shared pictures of what Heather kindly sent me right here.

Last year, our girls swapped whimsy jars.  This year we went with petite boxes.  As I was looking through the pictures, I thought that little boxes like these would be fun as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  

These are the boxes Heather's girls sent to my girls:
Petite boxes from Heather's girls
Aren't the felt birds so cute?
Petite boxes from Heather's girls
There was an assortment of goodies for each of my girls inside:
Petite box from Heather's girls
including candy necklaces and rings, lip gloss, rubber band bracelets (perfect for storing all of those loose hair rubber bands!), lalaloopsy necklace kits (my girls made these right away), stickers, decorative tape, fun erasers, and a colorful pen.  Petite boxes from Heather's girls These are the boxes my girls made for Heather's girls: Petite boxes for Heather's girls
Inside of the boxes, they included:
Petite box for Heather's girls
coordinating hair comb and mirror, lip gloss, nail polish, hair accessories, and rhinestone necklaces.
I am itching to make some for friends and family for Christmas now.  Let's see if I get around to it.  ;)

See more petite inspiration boxes (they're matchboxes!) here.


  1. What sweet little treats! Have a great weekend.

  2. oh! what's more fun than this!? super duper cute!

    happy autumn wishes


    1. Thank you, Elyse! Happy autumn wishes to you, too! :D