Thursday, October 4, 2012

muffin tin meals organization

I went through my muffin tin meal supplies- liners, picks, cookie cutters, and organized them.
I pulled out my fall themed liners, and put them in a jar (just like Elyse and Jessica- love this idea). Muffin Tin Meals 1
I put my fall picks in a smaller jar for easy access:
Muffin Tin Meals 2
I'm thinking I will change the liners and picks every season.  For now, the others are stored in clear, plastic bins:
Muffin Tin Meals 3 Muffin Tin Meals 4
I also sorted through my Wilton cookie cutters by season/theme:
Muffin Tin Meals 5 Muffin Tin Meals 6
Having them all sorted like this makes me want to cut some food into fun shapes soon.

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