Monday, October 29, 2012

queen bee market

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I can't help but "get excited" after I share this post with you.  :)  I went to the Queen Bee Market this past weekend, and was super inspired by all of the vendors, but especially the paper crafting vendors.  Above are a few pictures of my favorite vendors: Elise Cripe :: Enjoy It, Inspire Lovely, Hephzi Creations, Angelique Ink, and Creme de la Gems.  I was giggling too much at her cards that I forgot to take a picture of Julie Ann Art's booth, which was another favorite.

I picked up the "Get Excited" stamp from Elise  and her latest holiday book.  I plan on doing a December Daily this year.  I was already preparing a November goals list, and make a December Daily was on it.  Look at me crossing off things before the month begins.  ;)  I am hoping a prepped book will help me keep up with my December Daily this year.

After we went to the market, my sister and I grabbed lunch at Panera.  I had their seasonal, roasted turkey harvest salad and seasonal, roasted turkey and cranberry panini.  

Afterwards, we stopped at Collective Journey for a little more paper craft inspiration.  I love their seasonal décor!  It is such a pretty store.  If you are ever in Redlands, CA I recommend you stop by.

Our day ended with a car trip to LAX.  We were dropping off our sister Jennifer because she has to attend a conference in San Francisco this week.  I picked a pumpkin scone and latte for the long drive. Happy Monday!