Monday, October 8, 2012

little house on the prairie 12th birthday party

This past summer we attended a Little House on the Prairie themed birthday party.  It was so sweet.  The hostess kindly allowed me to share these photos she took.
Little House on the Praire Party 1
Each little guest was greeted with a small bucket containing a sandwich, an apple, chips, and pretzels inside for lunch.  They had various vegetables to choose from to add to their buckets.  There was fresh lemonade served in mason jars (I'm a sucker for fresh lemonade in mason jars).
Little House on the Praire Party 2
Little bonnets were handmade for the girls and hung from a clothesline.  Little bandannas, made for the boys, were also hung from the clothesline.
Little House on the Praire Party 3 Little House on the Praire Party 4
For dessert, our hosts also served homemade ice cream, a lemon cake with fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  The children engaged in a variety of fun activities like jump roping and 3 legged races. It was fun to see the kids playing jacks.  I didn't know anybody played jacks anymore! 

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