Tuesday, October 30, 2012

addy's eats

addy's eats 1 turkey breast, provolone cheese, spinach, grape tomatoes pocket meltaddy's eats 2 
roast beef, mozarella, apricot spread sandwich; carrots, sesame chips, hummus
 addy's eats 3 grapes, peaches, cottage cheese addy's eats 4 cereal, banana slices, soy milk addy's eats 5 pb&j stars, orange triangles

This feature was inspired by James' "Bird Food" feature on her blog Bleubird.  James shares the variety of healthy food her little one eats.  I liked it so much I wanted to share what my little one eats, too.  To see more of Addy's Eats, click here.


  1. the grapes, peaches & cottage cheese look super yummy! havn't had cottage cheese & fruit in years... thanks for the reminder :)

    1. Hi Jaime! Thank you for your sweet comment! I am still itching to make that grape/yogurt dessert you made the other day.

  2. I want marry those black and white plates. So Cute!