Thursday, September 6, 2012

my weight loss toolbox: what i eat

I thought it would be fun (maybe helpful?) to discuss my eating habits.
I've lost 35+ pounds within the past two years by increasing my activity and eating better.  I am not at my goal weight, yet, but am working on it.
Breakfast: oatmeal 
For breakfast, I try to include a whole grain (like oatmeal), a dairy product (like Greek yogurt), a protein (like pecans) and fruit (usually blueberries or bananas).  I typically have oatmeal, but I have smoothies, as well.  This week I have been having egg sandwiches.
At lunch time, I usually have dinners leftovers.  Sometimes, I will make a sandwich or salad.
I try to have a small snack before dinner.  It varies, but sometimes I will have 1/2 of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a smoothie, fruit, or maybe popcorn.
Snacks Paper bag popcorn
For dinner, I try to include a whole grain (again).  Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are favorites.  We also add a protein- like turkey kielbasa, chicken breast, beans, occasionally lean beef.  I also try to include a dairy product for this meal like shredded cheese and/or sour cream.  I try to pack veggies into all of our dinners- whatever is in season.
As I mentioned, I usually have dinner's leftovers for lunch time.  I make enough so that both my husband and I can have dinner's leftovers.  I try to have lots of vegetables for lunch, as well.  I will add a salad or steamed vegetables if I have to.

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