Friday, August 3, 2012

our summer routine

A few months ago, I participated in Ali Edwards' A Day in the Life project, and then printed the pictures for my Project Life album.  (I haven't talked much about my Project Life endeavors, but I plan to).  It is neat to look back on that day, and see how much has changed in just a few, short weeks.  I decided to do A Day in the Life of sorts for our summer routine...

I am usually woken up by Lani.  She watches a few episodes of her favorite shows on Netflix.  She sticks with one for a while and then moves on to another.  While she catches up on her favorite shows, I usually check my email, prepare blog posts, check up on my favorite blogs, etc.
summer routine: checking email
When Evie and Addy wake up, they also watch an episode or two of their favorite shows.

Then, I make breakfast.  Last week, I was making waffles, the week before they were having scrambled eggs, before that assorted cereal.  It varies from week to week is what I am saying.  This week they decided to join me and have oatmeal.  I've been eating oatmeal often.
summer routine: breakfast
After breakfast, we all do our chores.  They have a list of things to do as do I.
summer routine: washing dishes
After chores, we all have a bit of free time.  They are quite imaginative and can play with the most random things.  The other day, they had a long scarf; they all held onto the scarf and roamed around the house pretending they were a train.  That's what it looked like anyway.  So, I couldn't say exactly what goes on at this time because it so random.  Sometimes, they will pick up their Highlights/ High Five magazines or recently checked out library books and read for a while.  Other times, they will go jump on the bed in their room.  Other times, play educational computer games.  Random.

After chores and random play, I will make lunch.  We usually have dinner's leftovers for lunch.  If it's not enough, we will have a smoothie or some fruit or some veggies to bulk up our lunch.
summer routine: lunch
Afterwards, I have to clean up the mess made for lunch, which wouldn't seem to be much, but surprisingly, it is.  The girls will help a bit, but then it's off to play/read/jump on the bed/terrorize the house.  ;)

Jesse gets home after work early in the afternoon.  When he gets home, we usually workout.  This week we started Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six-Pack.
summer routine: workout
I update my Weight Watchers online tracker randomly throughout the day, but especially after working out because it makes me feel good to track my activity.
summer routine: tracking
Early evenings are family time.  We engage in a variety of activities, but for this particular day, we walked to the park about 20 minutes away from our house.  We let the girls play for a while and then walked home.
summer routine: a walk
Later in the evening, I make dinner.  We like to have Jasmine (my sister) and her fiancee as guests when they aren't busy.

Tonight we had spaghetti.
summer routine: dinner
After dinner, sometimes we will have dessert.  Tonight I made ice cream cookie sandwiches.
Summer routine: dessert
When the girls go to bed, sometimes we will watch a movie or a few episodes of our favorite shows altogether.  We are all caught up on The Big Bang Theory, which is one of our favorites.  Can't wait for the new season.

"Let's not think of tomorrow, but let's enjoy this fleeting moment of life." - Omar Khayyam


  1. ohhh your girls are sooo cute....isnt it insane how much we moms have to get done...hugs...

  2. The girls are really sprouting Jessica! Doesn't it feel like some days you literally go from washing dishes to washing dishes? LOL I only have one and sometimes it feels like that to me! Life is good, yes?! Have a great weekend chickie!