Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summer diary continued

I mentioned in my last post that I intend to continue incorporating fun, daily summer break activities for my daughters.  
I was super inspired by Nikki's summer diary.  I believe this is her third year continuing this tradition.  I attempted to jump on the bandwagon last year, but didn't do as well as I wanted to.  This year, I've been sticking to it.  Every morning I write our schedule on our fridge's whiteboard.  Some of you long time readers may remember this is something I started last year; I  continued with it this year.  My girls love/need structure.  (If you need help starting your own summer schedule, check out Jen's post.  She rocks).  

I sat down with a slew of magazines and got to work brainstorming July's activities. I will be penning them in our calendar soon.


  1. Jessica, Have you heard about Michaels having a Passport To... for the kiddos? They're fun make and takes and my two enjoy them :0). Also if you don't have time online they have all the projects listed. :0)

  2. Hi, Jessica!
    I hope you're enjoying your summer. I love this idea! Good for you for sticking with it, you're just creating treasured memories. :)
    Cerri xoxo

  3. Glad your Summer is going so well with all the fun activities! Hard to believe ours is almost half gone already ... I think someone hit the fast forward button when I wasn't looking. I'd be lost without lists to keep me on track! Make sure & pencil some downtime for you in there too :~)