Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my thrifted purse and its contents

On a thrifting adventure yesterday, I came upon my new purse for $2.99. 

... and not a moment too soon because the strap of a favorite purse just broke.  (I'm gonna try to fix it).

As I was switching things into my new purse, I thought it would be fun to share that which I carry around with me.  


1.  "New" purse :)
2.  Keys
3.  Glasses
4.  Pen and highlighter (for grocery shopping)
6.  Phone
7.  Thrifted wallet (for $.99!)
8.  Make-up bag

In my make-up bag, I carry:

1.  L'oreal's blackest black liquid eyeliner
2.  Rimmel's Scandal Eyes mascara
3.  Mary Kay's face moisturizer
4.  Elf Elements quad eye shadow
5.  Sonia Kashuk blush and Mary Kay's blush brush
6.  Vaseline Lip Therapy
7.  Trident's spearmint gum
8.  Mary Kay's Luminous-wear foundation
9.  Mary Kay's applicator brushes
10.  Nail clippers
11.  Eyebrow shadow


  1. Ok --- fess up! Where's all the kid's stuff? LOL Half of my purse is filled with "mom stuff"! My guys give me such grief about my big purse yet I constantly hear, can you put this in your purse, can you hold onto this :~) Awesome thrift buy Jessica!

  2. u r way to organized girlie...come on show me a workspace wednesday...i wanna see what use been up too

  3. This is so cute! I love this. So jealous I didn't see that coin purse first!!!