Monday, April 9, 2012

muffin tin monday: build your own sliders

If you celebrate, I hope you had a Happy Easter yesterday.

Today is Muffin Tin Monday, and I put this meal together for my girls:
Muffin Tin Monday Sliders 1
Sliders for them to build (honey wheat dinner roll, chicken breast patty with a slice of colby cheese, lettuce, and a slice of tomato), carrot, sweet potato, and potato fries, ketchup, a small slice of carrot cake in a bunny envelope:
Muffin Tin Monday Sliders 2
I need to incorporate more of these build your own meals. They eat better when they've helped prepare the meal.
Muffin Tin Monday Sliders 3
I got the idea for the bunny envelopes and carrot fries from the Martha Stewart Kids' Spring 2004 issue:
Muffin Tin Monday Sliders 4
(We made the envelopes on Saturday afternoon).
Muffin Tin Monday Sliders 5
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