Sunday, March 4, 2012

muffin tin monday

I made a kid-favorite muffin tin meal for my girls this week:
Muffin Tin Monday 1
peanut butter and strawberry preserves triangles (pb&j), green grapes, and whole wheat goldfish crackers.
Muffin Tin Monday 2
I got these sectional plates at the 99¢ store. I liked their vibrant, fun colors.
Muffin Tin Monday 3
Be sure to visit Michelle for her colorful, rainbow muffin tin meal and to see the links to the other muffin tin meal participants.
Muffin Tin Monday 4
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  1. Aren't those plates the cutest you've ever seen?
    Brightens up any where, any place, any time.

  2. I agree those little serving plates are gorgeous, love your muffin tin Monday's posts......