Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentine's day dinner, dessert, and an adventure

For Valentine's Day, my husband and I usually go out together to a restaurant and enjoy dinner. This year, however, we decided that we would eat at home, and enjoy dinner and quiet time with our little ones.
My husband decided to make dinner:
Valentine's Day Dinner Salmon, Steak, Streamed Veggies, Twice Baked Potato
steak with grilled onions and mushrooms, salmon, steamed veggies, salad, and my favorite side twice baked potatoes:
Valentine's Day Dinner Twice Baked Potatoes
It was so yummy. Also, it sure beats the restaurant wait, and the restaurant price.
I went ahead and made his favorite dessert: brownies.
To make them extra special, I made brownie sundaes.
Valentine's Day Sundaes (1)
I put brownie pieces, vanilla ice cream, sweetened strawberries, whipped cream, and heart sprinkles together. The cutest part though was the little Raiders' helmet topper (the Raiders are my husband's favorite team):
Valentine's Day Sundae with Raiders' Helmet(2)
There is a whole story behind this little helmet.
A few weeks ago as we were leaving the grocery store, my husband said, "Shoot. I don't have quarters." I looked to see that he wanted to try his luck at the vending machine of little football helmets and score a Raiders' one. I thought, "I will come back, and hopefully manage to get one for Valentine's Day. You really can't beat a 25 cent gift.
Raiders' Helmet 1
That is, if I had gotten lucky on the first try.

I pulled out $5 when I was checking out the grocery store this past Monday with my little trio of children, and innocently asked for $1 in quarters hoping I would get lucky. 

I was not lucky.

I needed to pick up some Valentine's Day candy next door for my girls' class parties the next day. I had my $4 in hand. When I checked out, I asked the cashier if she had $4 in quarters.

She did.

I headed back to the grocery store with my posse, and tried my luck again.
Raiders' Helmet 2
Okay. $5 down, 10 non-Raider helmets, with only my bank card, no quarters, and no cash. "Come on, girls. Let's get in line." I was going to pull out $5 AGAIN, and request for quarters hoping this cashier would have some.

(Those of you who have or have had 2 year olds know I am really pushing her patience by this point).

I get my quarters, and try my luck again. Now I have a duo of cheerleaders cheering me on, "Please be a Raiders' helmet. Pleeeeease."

No such luck. $10 down.

I go to another line A.G.A.I.N. to pull out another $5, and hoping this cashier will have $5 worth of quarters. The grocery store is starting to blur and look a lot like a Vegas casino at this point.
Quarters in hand, I try my luck again.

Helmet after helmet, $15 later, I'm down to my last 2 quarters. Out pops the stinking Raiders' helmet.
Raiders Helmet 3
Had I not gotten it on that try, I was ready to put down my wedding ring and see how many quarters I could get for that.
Raiders Helmet 4
Now we have all of these helmets. My husband loved the story almost as much as he loved the little helmet. He said he would give away the duplicates to his friends, keep the rest, and pull them out for super bowl parties.