Monday, February 20, 2012

muffin tin monday: oatmeal

Happy Muffin Tin Monday. I am enjoying this three day Presidents' Day weekend with my daughters.
Because they were home from school, slept in a little later, and didn't have to rush out to school, I decided to go with a breakfast muffin tin meal this week. Before we went to church this passed weekend, we had oatmeal for breakfast with a "choose your toppings" buffet.
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal
As I was putting it together, my eight year old, eagerly pulled out her Highlights magazine and said there was an "Oatmeal- Your Way!" article. You can see it above. We had several of the toppings suggested out already minus vanilla yogurt, which we happily had on hand. Yogurt on oatmeal wouldn't have occurred to me. It was delicious.
Because we are still excited about this new found oatmeal breakfast discovery, I put it together for our Muffin Tin Monday meal today.
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 1
Oatmeal (made with soy milk), almond pieces, vanilla yogurt,
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 2
strawberries and blackberries, brown sugar, and banana slices.
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 3
They ate most of what was in their tins. (Michelle at Muffin Tin Mom linked to a muffin tin meal planning page. It's such a great idea to both plan my meals and chart what these little picky eaters of mine eat and don't eat. Check it out along with Michelle's muffin tin meal for this week and the submissions of the other participants).
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 4
Although I didn't have a tin, I did enjoy an oatmeal breakfast with them:
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 5
It wasn't much different than my weekend topping choices:
Muffin Tin Monday Oatmeal 6
If you haven't tried yogurt on your oatmeal, I insist. 

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