Wednesday, January 18, 2012

workspace wednesday

Workspace Wednesday

Martha Stewart with Avery Labels
I just purchased a variety of home office labels.  I had read Elise's post where she linked to them and said that they came from Martha Stewart and Avery's new office line at Staples. Love them.

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  1. Seriously - you are so funny! More shopping! LOL! I love that Workspace Wednesday makes you clean up your desk. I wish I had something once a week that made me want to clean up my space!!!!

  2. I bought those same cupcake liners for gifts...but I kept a few...:) I went to Staples and they have NONE of those labels listed for sale, they must be sold out! Did you buy them all????? LOL

  3. ooh, the (fake Dennison) labels! I know where I'll be going today! And why don't you just flatten the cupcake liners and string them together in a it or search for it on'll see what I'm talkin' about!