Monday, January 16, 2012

muffin tin monday: vegetable soup

It's that time of the week again: Muffin Tin Monday. Muffin Tin Monday features a meal served in a muffin tin.  The idea of a muffin tin meal is to creatively serve a healthy meal to young eaters (who tend to be picky at times). I play along regularly. Click here to see more of my contributions.

For more FAQs regarding Muffin Tin Monday, visit Michelle, the hostess of Muffin Tin Monday, here. Also, visit Michelle here to see her muffin tin meal this week, and the contributions of the other participants.

I can really appreciate muffin tin meals when I have to serve up a meal my girls aren't going to like all that much. School-aged kids have a tendency to pick up all sorts of "fun" germs at school, so in efforts to get them hydrated and feel better, I make plenty of chicken soup. As you can imagine, they are pretty tired of it. This week, I made vegetable soup (with chicken broth) and served it up as pretty as I could to get them to eat it.
Muffin Tin Monday: Vegetable Soup
This was one of those weeks where they had to have chicken soup as my 8 year old got strep throat last week and the other two (5 and 2) have runny noses... I am happy they are starting to feel better though.

In other muffin tin meals news, I went to Pier One and found these adorable liners and picks:
Muffin Tin Monday Supplies (and sticky notes)
I also collect sticky notes, and I found these playful ones there, too. I went gathering inspiration for home decor (it's on my list of January goals) and came out with these unexpected treasures.

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  1. Cute tin liners and my, my, my but that vegetable soup looks delicious. Would be perfect here...the MN weather has finally turned to MN weather!

  2. love this line:
    In other muffin tin meals news

    i hope everyone is feeling better soon!


  3. Your soup looks awesome! The items from Pier One are so cute!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I never think to go in there ~ looks like it's worth the trip!