Wednesday, December 14, 2011

workspace wednesday

It's Workspace Wednesday. I was able to tidy up a bit. It was looking overwhelmingly messy there for a minute. The kind of messy where you can see a layer for each of the last projects you were working on before you started the current project and current layer.
Workspace Wednesday
I am down to one layer and some breathing room now. I am working on a few matchboxes and a tutorial for The Creative Patch. I will be posting on Friday.

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  1. i luv that phrase"one layer" I am at layer 57. meaning I have 57 boxes left to open. then i have to sort and put away....after i paint..
    wanna come and help?

  2. Your workspace looks so inviting. Mine, on the other hand, needs a good organizing after this last minute Christmas rush to finish a few presents.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I know exactly what you are saying and life always seems to be like this before Christmas.
    I love the beautiful paper bag journal.

    Hope that you are enjoying the week as we count down the days until Christmas

  4. I didn't know a single layer even existed LOL It's difficult pausing your creative muse to tidy up...kudos to you!