Thursday, December 8, 2011

tiny books and things

In attempts to acquire more Moo cards, I asked Apryl if she would be willing to swap some of hers with me. She sent me this lovely bundle.
I sent her an assortment of things including:
Tiny Books and things for Apryl
2 of my tiny books (the French one and the Halloween one), distressed ruled cards (for her doll stories), a rubber stamp with vintage key image, and
Tiny Books and things for Apryl
an envelope book. (Julie presented her tutorial for an Artful Thursday one time. Cerri sent me 2 envelope books when we swapped some time ago. I've been hooked ever since. I've been collecting patterned envelopes and make the books when I can. I especially loved Cerri's Valentine's Day envelope book, and am thinking those would be sweet to make as Valentine's Day cards).
Tiny Books and things for Apryl

Tiny Books and things for Apryl
The trinkets tin I shared the other day was also for Apryl:
Trinkets Tin

Trinkets Tin with Charms and Buttons
I made this altered book for Apryl:
Gypsy Heart Altered Book

Gypsy Heart Altered Book
I also sent along some marshmallow peeps for Apryl. They were the only things she requested. I love them, too, and was happy to buy some for her and for myself.  ;)

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