Sunday, December 4, 2011

button snowmen christmas ornaments

I participated in the Button Floozies' Christmas Swap. When I was gathering inspiration for the swap, I came across this picture on Flickr, and decided that I would make 3 snowmen. Kat (the artist of the picture I linked to) was inspired by this project on Martha Stewart's site.
I like them, but I wasn't sure if you could tell what they were at first glance...
I hope so. I am itching to make a few more.
I will be sharing the ones my partners sent me soon. Check out the links to the ornaments of the other participants here on the Button Floozies site.


  1. Very creative!! Love this idea! I am having a giveaway on my blog and would to see you enter!

  2. oh - they're darling, jessica. i can tell what they are, for sure!

    i hope you are on board for a simple (or not) december daily?! have you taken a photo every day so far? keep me posted;)


  3. Those are so stinking cute Jessica!

  4. I love your snowmen ornaments -- they are the perfect, button purist decorations! I like their little noses, too -- is that a bead or a tiny button?

  5. Your snowmen are so cute, Jessica, and I love the little boxes, too.

  6. Those snowmen are so darn cute!