Tuesday, November 1, 2011

spooky, little books

I've been itching to share these books I received for Terri's "Spooky" Little Book Swap.
Spooky Tiny Book Swap 1
Above: top row from left to right, we have our hostess Terri Kolte, Valerie Myers, Michelle Geller. Bottom row from left to right, we have Jill Sibbald, Kris Coley, Terry Frias.

Spooky Tiny Book Swap 2
Above: top row from left to right, we have Terri Wilkerson, Cathy Gomes, Kandy Standridge. Bottom row from left to right, we have Lisa Stanton, Wendy Robrecht, Carina Karlson.

Spooky Tiny Book Swap 3
Above: top row from left to right, we have Maureen Kosewic, Julie Baxley, Stephanie Oyler. Bottom row from left to right, we have Wanda Clark, Wanda Clark (she made 2), and the one I made.

This is all of them before I tore into the packaging:
Spooky Tiny Book Swap 4

Please excuse the TERRIBLE lighting.

If you're anything like me, you might start blog stalking the participants to see if they'll swap a tiny book with you. I did just that with a few of the first tiny book swap participants. I was so happy Suzanne provided a link to each participant (well, the ones who had them) as I missed out on that swap. Luckily, I was able to join Michelle's swap, but she, too, has a post with a link to each participant (again, those that have a link). I'm making it easy for you to blog stalk tiny book makers.

One of you doesn't have to blog stalk me for one of my spooky, tiny books. Leave a comment on this post, and I will draw a name this Friday and send one to you. I love spreading the tiny book love.

The winner is Amy from Curly Q Mosaics.

Happy November!


  1. These tiny books look Halloween-wonderful! I'm inspired to try my hand to make one. Loooove them!

  2. wow it looks like a mavelous swap. looks like alot of bellas joined in the fun....

  3. Hi, I love those little books! And, let's see, well, ummm, alright, I confess, I am already stalking you!! But in a good way, not the creepy, eppy, way! I just hope that some of your talent will seep from the screen into my fingers and work their magic in my craft room!

  4. I love all these little Halloween books! The details are amazing! I love your willpower, I would have ripped into all of them before Halloween! TFS!

  5. Love them all...makes me regret not joining the swap!

  6. These are great...just love those covers!!

  7. I love my tiny book! It was such a treat to find it hiding underneath all those BEAUTIFUL buttons! I will post about it soon, but I forgot to take pictures of your package! Let me know when you get it!

  8. OMG tooo fabulous! And I love the li'l trick or treater on the front of your little book. xoxoxo