Tuesday, November 8, 2011

red queen doll and other goodies from apryl

A few weeks ago, I saw this post from Apryl. I love her Moo cards. I LOVE Apryl's as I love her work and her work is featured on each one.
I asked her if she would be willing to swap again with me so I could get my hands on one of her Moo cards. Remember what she sent me for The Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap and what I sent her?
Well, Apryl did not disappoint:
Swap from Apryl
Apryl put together an Alice in Wonderland/playing cards theme together for me.  Apryl sent me another doll. I love her heart for a mouth- just like the Red Queen. Apryl sent me chocolate wrapped in playing card paper (she actually sent me more than this, I just nibbled on a few before I took the picture), a vintage, playing card with buttons sewn on it, a vintage book, and an Alice in Wonderland badge,
Swap from Apryl
and last, but not least, one of her Moo cards.
My new doll is sitting right next to Malice on my scrap desk.
Swap from Apryl
Thank you so much, Apryl!